Vidalista 10 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tadalafil/Depoxetine
Indication: Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength: 10Mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Overview of Vidalista 10

Vidalista 10 mg is a pill belonging to the Vidalista brand, offering temporary relief from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This medication is synonymous with Generic Cialis or Tadalafil and should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional, adhering to dosing guidelines and precautions.

What Is Vidalista 10 Tablet?

Vidalista 10mg is designed to alleviate ED issues temporarily, catering to individuals who struggle to achieve a firm erection on their own. You can choose the best time for intake based on your convenience.


Vidalista 10 is formulated with Tadalafil Cialis and is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories. This Indian company handles various aspects, including logistics, distribution, branding, and pricing policies, for the Vidalista brand. Their products comply with regulations in countries like the US, UK, and more.

Composition of Vidalista 10

The key component in Vidalista 10 is Tadalafil, known for its prolonged activation period. Despite its small 10mg dose per pill, its effects can last for over 12 hours.

Dosage Of Vidalista 10

Take one Vidalista 10 mg tablet daily, ensuring a 24-hour gap between successive doses. Different strengths are available for this brand.


Overdosing can lead to side effects. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations to prevent adverse effects.

Missed Dose

Missing a dose may result in difficulties achieving an erection. Consistency in following your daily dosage schedule is crucial.

Working of Vidalista 10

Vidalista 10 operates by inducing vasodilation and relaxing penile blood tissues. It inhibits PDE-5 hormones, allowing nitric oxide to promote blood flow, enhancing penile sensitivity and facilitating an erection when sexually stimulated.

How To Take Vidalista 10 Tablet?

Vidalista 10 mg tablets should be swallowed with water, avoiding crushing or chewing. Maintain a daily pill intake schedule, either during the day or night.

Precautions Before Taking Vidalista 10

Adhere to precautions like following dosing instructions and avoiding overdose. Additionally, steer clear of alcohol, grape juice, and medications like alpha-blockers and nitrates. Refrain from activities like driving.

Benefits of Using Vidalista 10 mg Tablet

Despite its small 10mg dose, Vidalista 10 offers extended effects lasting over 15 hours. Its lower dosage reduces the risk of severe side effects.

Avoid To Take Vidalista 10

Doctors may discourage Vidalista 10 use for various reasons, including allergies to Tadalafil, contraindications with other medications, or certain health conditions.

Side Effects of Vidalista 10

Overdosing or Tadalafil allergies may lead to side effects. These can range from mild to severe, requiring medical attention. Common side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Low blood pressure
  • Reduced libido
  • Priapism (prolonged and painful erection)
  • Blurred vision
  • Reduced hearing

Storage of Vidalista 10

Store Vidalista 10 in a dry place at temperatures below 30°C (86°F) with low humidity, away from direct sunlight.


Vidalista 10 offers a small but effective dose for mild ED cases. Use it cautiously, following the prescribed guidelines.


Where can I buy Vidalista 10 mg?

You can purchase Vidalista 10 online or visit a local pharmacy. Choose your preferred option. Vidalista 10 mg is available online at vidalistaa.

What are the other doses available?

Vidalista offers a range of doses, including 2.5mg, 5mg, 20mg, CT 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg, Professional, and black 80mg.

What is the generic substance in Vidalista 10?

Tadalafil is the key ingredient responsible for generating penile hardness. It initiates the inhibition of PDE-5 hormones.

Is it safe to drive a car while using Vidalista 10?

Driving is generally safe unless you experience side effects. Avoid driving if you notice side effects.

Can missing a dose lead to withdrawal symptoms?

Missing a dose does not cause withdrawal symptoms. Overdosing, on the other hand, may result in side effects.

Can Vidalista 10 cure ED permanently?

Vidalista 10 provides a short-term solution, but it does not offer a permanent cure for ED.


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